Standard listing | Free for schools and colleges

£199 for recruitment consultancies

Logo, relevant categories, basic recruiter profile, 4 weeks or until closing date


Listing in additional category | £10 per category

Categories Include:

  • Early years, Primary & Middle
  • Secondary
  • Special
  • FE Colleges
  • Independant Prep
  • Independant Senior
  • Academies
  • Non-Teaching

Attachments | £10

Attach up to 5 documents per job listing.

This could include: Job Description, Person Specification, Ofsted Report, Letter etc.


Homepage featured recruiter button | £99

Static logo on the Homepage, links to your live TVER.co.uk listings

Size: 300 x 300px (105.8 x 105.8mm)

Appears on website for two weeks


Recruiter button | £75

Animated button will appear on the following pages

  • Find a Job page (every other page)
  • Job Listings page
  • FAQ page

Size: 165 x 165px (58.2 x 58.2mm)

Appears on website for two weeks


Run of site leaderboard ad | £99

Animated run of site button at bottom of pages, links to your live TVER.co.uk listings

Appears on website for two weeks


Bespoke recruiter profile | £99


  • Customised header & footer
  • Description of the organisation
  • Contact information
  • Link to your current vacancies


Copy writing | £65 per role


TVER.co.uk local press education composite

Appear in local press with your logo and main job details

1 week insertion:

Maidenhead Advertiser & Windsor Express | £40

Reading Chronicle & Bracknell News | £50

To book or discuss any of the above options, please contact the TVER team on 01628 509858 or visit out contact page and fill out our enquiries from and someone will be in touch.