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How do I edit my organisation’s profile?

Go to the TVER Portal, click the recruiters tab at the top. Your school will be linked under the ‘list recruiters’ tab. Click the link to your school and change the information you need.

How do I check how my listing is doing?

In the TVER Portal, under ‘live vacancies’, you’ll be able to see the number of hits your particular advert has had.

How do I add a vacancy?

Go to ‘Upload a Job’ then under ‘Jobs’ click ‘New Job’ and fill in the boxes with your Job information. When you’re satisfied that your job is ready to go, simply click ‘Create’.

How do I edit a vacancy?

On the TVER Portal under the ‘Jobs’ tab is a section for ‘Live vacancies’. Locate your advert and click on the title to be brought back to the editable version. Make your changes and click ‘update’.

How can I attract more applicants?

Take a look at our Rate Card to see different ways to boost your job's visibility.

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The way you write your adverts says so much about you as an organisation. You can give your school or college an advantage just by spending some time and effort translating your job descriptions into engaging, well written copy. There are a number of things you could do to achieve this - take a look at our top tips:

Style and Language:

Use a more personal tone, a friendly but professional style is more engaging. Try to avoid just replicating your job description and person specification as your advert text. Your advertisement should set out the reasons why your role is attractive, who it will appeal to and act as a call to action, there is no need to give every detail about the role. Don’t just run with the last advertisement you placed for the role, particularly if there was a disappointing response. Spend some time refreshing your approach – and if time is short to write something new, has a team of copywriters who can do this for you for £65 per role – just ask.

Describing your school

It’s a candidate market and the description of your school is one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to apply. We recommend including staff testimonials alongside a description that communicates the personality of the school. Remember to mention achievements, forthcoming developments and of course any challenges your school/college faces.

The Job

Keep it short and interesting to keep potential candidates engaged and encourage them to pursue your opportunity. Remember your focus throughout is “Why would someone want this role?” so make sure you answer this question clearly. If you accept NQTs, make sure you say so.

The Candidate

Don’t limit the potential reach of your advert by not including a broad description of your ideal candidate. If you are too particular, people may not identify themselves as suitable for your role and won’t apply. What things can you compromise in order to get a more diverse range of candidates? Which skills are absolutely essential, and which are desirable?


Not everyone is lucky enough to live in the area of their workplace, so you might need to attract interest from further afield. Mention transport links, proximity to stations and whether there is ample parking on site, as these factors might swing their decision to apply.

The Benefits

Rewards can be more than financial – incentives, career development and prospects are all the things that potential candidates are looking for. You may not be able to be specific about why this role is available, but an idea of how you can progress is good to include.