Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School

Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School

Recruiter Summary

Age Range: 3-11
Gender: Mixed
No. on roll: 619
Headteacher: Karen Salter
Address: Brixham Road, Reading, Berkshire
Postcode: RG2 7RB
Telephone: 0118 937 5566

Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School we aspire to achieve excellence in all we do. We pursue excellence in our learning, teaching, caring and value the development of each child. All staff, Governors, parents, professionals, volunteers and visitors are valued for their contribution to the progress, success and achievement of the school. We believe in mutual respect and value everyone’s contribution.


We trust each other and work as a cohesive team in school and within the community. We provide the opportunities for everyone to achieve their best, to have high expectations and ambition. We understand our rights and responsibilities and endeavour to develop an understanding of how we carry these out. We create a welcoming, caring and safe community for everyone in the school. We are respectful, honest, reliable and resilient.

Whitley Park is a child-centred school at the heart of the community embracing social diversity and valuing the individual characteristics and needs of every child

Whitley Park is a school where every child really does matter

High quality care, guidance and support are embedded in the ethos of the school

Whitley Park is a fully inclusive school that reaches out into the community to embrace parents and carers as partners in learning

We want children at Whitley Park make good progress and achieve their full potential. We want all children to make good progress from their varied starting points

We aspire to ensure the majority of teaching and learning at Whitley Park to be consistently judged as good or better

We are developing the curriculum to make it more exciting and cross-curricular. We want children to develop skills as independent learners

Our school is well-resourced, with excellent spaces for inspiring learning. There is very good provision for outdoor and indoor learning enabling all children to enjoy learning and achieve very well. The curriculum plan is language-rich, creative and literacy-led, with excellent enrichment opportunities

Children and adults develop skills and use a range of technologies, which enhance learning across the curriculum

There are very high and consistent expectations, where children take increasing responsibility for their behaviour, and most have very positive attitudes to learning

The school has an attractive environment with excellent grounds

Displays throughout the school promote visual prompts for learning

The school is a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children and adults

There is good provision for the arts, sport, social, cultural, spiritual and moral development

Current Vacancies

None at present

Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School