Ranikhet Academy

Ranikhet Academy

Recruiter Summary

Age Range: 5-11
Gender: Mixed
Headteacher: Salima Ducker
Address: Spey Road, Reading
Postcode: RG30 4ED
Telephone: 0118 937 5520
Fax: 0118 937 5522
Email: admin@ranikhet.reading.sch.uk
Website: www.ranikhetprimary.ik.org/

At Ranikhet we teach the traditional basics, children leave our school with good reading, writing and mathematics skills. However we also believe in teaching a broad and balanced curriculum, that readily embraces change equipping our pupils with the ICT skills they need and the ability to be creative, and cooperative learners. Our children are motivated, confident and reflective which makes them both interested and interesting.

There is so much more to education than classroom based studies. Children of all ages need to be active. They take part in a varied programme of sports and activities that allows them to make the most of the extensive facilities at Ranikhet Primary School.

These facilities include a purpose built, spacious, fully stocked library where our children have access to an extensive range of popular reading and reference books.

Sports and a healthy lifestyle are encompassed whole heartedly at Ranikhet and we are proud to have a dedicated and well equipped sports hall. Children enjoy P.E. lessons delivered by specialist P.E. teachers.

We have two fully resourced, colourful art areas, bringing a multi-media approach to the subject.

At Ranikhet Primary School learning goes beyond the classroom; our children enjoy our garden with landscaped areas and wide open spaces to play and talk.

Ranikhet Academy