The Colleton Primary School

The Colleton Primary School

Recruiter Summary

Age Range: 5-11
Gender: Mixed
No. on roll: 216
Address: Colleton Drive, Twyford, Berkshire
Postcode: RG10 0AX
Telephone: 0118 934 0530
DFEE Number: 8722149

From the moment you set foot in The Colleton Primary School you will feel the difference!

Our pupils are relaxed, confident and cheerful, but they are still expected to work hard and behave well. The positive atmosphere within our school is achieved as a result of good discipline and very thorough and detailed organisation. We are an open plan school with approximately 220 pupils and an equivalent of 7 full time teaching staff.

Every child is important to us and the demands we place upon them reflect the child´s ability and personality. The work is set at the individual´s level so that it is neither too easy nor too difficult. How our unique learning environment works is not easy to put into words. We pride ourselves on being ´a little bit different´ from all the rest we believe it is often important to ´think outside the box´. Our aim is to inspire and educate each child so that they can work within their potential, academically and socially; acquiring skills for independence that will enable them to become valued members of society.

Core Values

  • To ensure that the highest standards of learning and teaching are central to everything we do.
  • To inspire each child to seek to maximise their potential, academically and socially, and to provide them with the education to do so, acquiring skills for independence that will enable them to become valued members of society.
  • To strive to affirm our reputation as a school where children and staff are happy, valued and safe.

The Values in Action

  • We operate as a team, using flexible, innovative teaching methods promoting learning that is both challenging and fun.
  • We assure that we encompass good practices and apply common sense in order that we can best encourage children and colleagues to realise their true potential.
  • We ensure that our knowledge of the curriculum is comprehensive, which allows us to encourage creativity through learning.
  • We deliver a curriculum that is relevant in today´s society, always encouraging personal, moral, physical and social development; constantly raising self-esteem through learning.
  • We listen and endeavour to communicate effectively with our whole community.
  • We have high expectations.

The best way to understand what this means is to visit the school and see it at work!

Current Vacancies

None at present

The Colleton Primary School